Let your establishment become an experience with Alacarte digital menu 

Your guests can already do anything with their smartphones, so why not make it possible in your business?

Benefits of alacarte

Enhance the customer experience

Let your clients enjoy an image-rich menu with description of plates, nutritional information and allergens. Your menu is accessible to all thanks to our professional translation. Make all your clients feel at home!

Change the menu in a blink of an eye

Want to update your menu? Add new dishes? Seasonal Menu? Items out of stock? With Alacarte, do it instantly via your admin panel and all menus will be automatically updated! You are the maestro here.

POS integration

Your 2.0 restaurant version available at Alacarte! Connect easily with your establishment using our POS integration to make it more manageable for you! It's all about making your life easier at Alacarte! The orders are sent to your printer.

Increase your turnover

What is the way to enhance the client experience and double the revenues you say?  Look no further! Our solution guarantees you an increase in your sales! With food and wine pairing, fast table turn, more reorders etc... 

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Personalize your menu

With Alacarte Menu’s admin panel, you can create as many menus as you like and publish them anytime! With our solution, add categories and items, sort these, hide those out of stock, and publish the ones you want to see on your digital menu.


Translate your menu

You can provide your international customers with your digital menu in their languages so it will be more convenient for them. Having up to 5 different languages will help you attract more customers.

Online orders - Click & Collect

Get more customers thanks to online ordering. Your customers will be able to choose either to take out their food, to be delivered or to eat at one of your table.

Manage your orders 

You have the possibility to manage the different orders from your admin panel. Quickly update the status of the orders to keep track and send automatic notifications to your customers. Get an overall view of key metrics during a given period.

Allow your customers to pay online

Your customers will pay with their favourite payment method at each order, making the payment experience much better and faster.  

Add extra discounts

Provide your current or new customers with a discount code to boost the number of online orders. Promotions on social media will get you more visibility in your area.

Have the repeat feature

Recommend friction-less orders to your customers thanks to our repeat features. 

Once they have already ordered at your establishment, your customers can easily repeat their order in a click to make the customer experience even better.

All it takes for your customers is 3 easy steps ...

Scan the QR Code 

Your clients will scan the QR code with their smartphone's camera.  They will be able to see your menu and order on the platform. A life-changing experience for sure ! 

Order easily

Your clients will then visualize a one of a kind rich menu design with pictures and description of your plates, nutritional information and in the language they wish ! 

Once they have picked, they will simply send the order and you will receive it instantly in your kitchens via the application.

Pay and leave 

When your clients have finished their meal and are ready to leave, they don't have to wait for the waiter anymore. They can easily pay on their own smartphone with PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. It will allow your employees to allocate their time to high-value tasks. Rush hour will be a piece of cake!


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