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An analysis in 5 points on how the QR code is revolutionizing the customer experience at restaurants

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

The QR code digital menu for restaurants provides immediate access to your menu without contact since it is directly on your customers' smartphones. This new experience for reopening will reassure customers. Several options are available for this type of digital menu, including consultative menus, interactive menus with beautiful product visuals, menus with integrated ordering, and even direct mobile payments. The QR code represents a real time-saver for your teams and a good way to adjust your menu with one click.

Discover in this article how QR code technology is revolutionizing the customer experience at restaurants.

The PDF QR code menu?

This QR code format is the simplest and probably known after its success last summer. Here, it is an image of your paper menu that your customer can consult directly from their smartphone. The order is still taken by your servers. While this solution allows you to control barrier gestures, it does not provide a very pleasant experience for your customers. It is simply a replica of your paper menu, in which your customers often have to zoom in to read it. Moreover, you have to make the changes yourself based on the changes in your dishes.

The interactive QR code menu (or consultative)

This QR code menu allows a very simple new experience for your customers. With a QR code on the table, they can directly consult your digital menu from their mobile phones as soon as they arrive. This fun experience provides access to a visual menu with descriptions for each of your dishes. Once the customer has made their choice, they must call the server to place their order. This type of experience is advantageous for your reopening because it offers a reassuring and high-quality experience for your customers. The various visuals and descriptions of your digital menu allow them to imagine their taste experience. It is a simple-to-use solution for your customers while retaining a traditional method through your servers. The advantages of this version are limited, and restaurant owners have the option to offer more complete and efficient customer experiences.

Table side ordering

The QR code menu with tableside ordering is the most advanced experience for your customers. They can consult and place their order autonomously from their mobile phone. As soon as they arrive, they have access to the menu, and once they make their choice, they can confirm their order without waiting!

The advantages of this experience are numerous:

• Your customers have immediate and contactless access to your menu

• A digital menu that you can update with beautiful visuals and descriptions to increase your ticket average

• A faster service thanks to direct order submission by your customers (orders can be sent directly to your restaurant's cash solution)

• Reduced order errors (due to no double-entry)

• A time-saver for your servers, allowing them to focus on quality service! This allows the restaurant owner to reduce their payroll.

Mobile payment Offer

A 100% digital, fast, and efficient experience to your customers for reopening with mobile payment. With this experience, your restaurant's team can focus solely on service while your customers take care of the rest! Thanks to the QR code, your customers can consult, order, and pay in just a few clicks from their mobile phone. Access to your menu is still contactless, an essential for reopening. A service that is twice as fast thanks to direct order submission and payment from customers' mobile phones. Your table rotation will be optimized. Order errors will be reduced. This experience will also help increase your average ticket through quick payment in just a few clicks. Additionally, your servers will focus on the quality of their service and advice to your customers, an opportunity to reduce your payroll and save costs for your restaurant.

Counter ordering

Counter ordering: a journey dedicated to fast food and/or food courts! With this mode, your customers can order their food from their mobile phones via a QR code and then collect it from a collection point.

Optimal time savings on service, your customers who are fans of autonomy will love this new experience!



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