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Summer 2023 in the hospitality industry: New tools for enhanced efficiency this season

The industry is experiencing a robust resurgence, evident from the increasing recruitment activities gearing up for the upcoming summer season. Hotels and restaurants alike are actively seeking skilled professionals in various domains such as services, kitchens, dining areas, and accommodations. However, those immersed in the hospitality sector, whether as managers, HR personnel, restaurant proprietors, or chefs, understand the pressing demands and time constraints associated with their roles. Consequently, digital technologies are rapidly integrating into the everyday operations of hoteliers and restaurateurs, offering tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

Outlined below are five indispensable tools to maximize effectiveness during the anticipated high-paced summer season of 2023:

  1. Strategic recruitment planning and management: While many have already proactively devised attendance schedules, it is advisable to maintain contingencies for unexpected staff shortages or excessive workload. Engaging with supplementary personnel resources, either through contract staffing or leveraging dedicated platforms, can effectively address such requirements.

  2. Preemptive staff integration and retention strategies: Recognizing that your personnel assumes the role of brand ambassadors and significantly contributes to the satisfaction of both existing and new clientele, it is crucial to adequately prepare your teams before each shift and empower them with a sense of responsibility towards their assigned duties. When onboarding new employees, conducting trial runs and subsequent debriefings to identify areas for improvement is highly recommended. Developing comprehensive job descriptions can also aid in aligning expectations and streamlining operations.

  3. Cultivating and elevating your establishment's brand image: If your establishment has undergone classification or rating upgrades according to the latest standards, capitalize on this opportunity to highlight your enhanced quality and service offerings. Leverage social media platforms and your website to effectively communicate your elevated status, as well as your commitment to eco-responsibility, novel activities, and services. Articulating your establishment's core values will further resonate with discerning customers.

  4. Harnessing the potential of digital solutions: With an increasingly tech-savvy customer base embracing seamless, contactless experiences and interactive interfaces, it is imperative to adopt tools that save time for your patrons and streamline operational workflows during the bustling summer season. Implementing features such as QR code menus, tablet-based ordering systems, and online meal reservations will not only enhance customer satisfaction but also optimize average revenue per customer by up to 20%.

  5. Adaptive strategies throughout the season: To cater to the diverse expectations of customers influenced by weather conditions and the duration of their stays, it is essential to adopt a flexible approach. Key practices to embrace include:

- Conducting daily team briefings to gather feedback,

- Monitoring inventory levels and briefing floor staff accordingly,

- Updating online menus in real-time based on available stock and customer preferences,

- Regularly reviewing reservation schedules and promptly sharing relevant information with the teams,

- Monitoring Click and Collect orders with a special emphasis on pre-orders,

- Proactively communicating new offerings through pre-season social media campaigns,

- Promptly addressing online reviews, and actively soliciting customer feedback to improve service quality.

By implementing these comprehensive strategies and leveraging digital innovations, the hospitality industry can enhance efficiency, optimize customer experiences, and achieve resounding success during the dynamic summer season of 2023.

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