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The Room Directory, a crucial factor for hotel ranking!

How is the hotel ranking modernizing? It is now established, the hotel ranking focuses on sustainability and digitalization. Goodbye to DVD players, radios, and paper welcome brochures, hello to the Digital Room Directory. 27 criteria related to sustainability are now taken into account for the ranking. The widespread use of QR codes, making the accommodation welcome brochure available, is one of them. The implementation of a digital Room Directory was a real asset during the hotel ranking's audit process. Digitalizing your hotel is also a crucial factor for customers. French travelers expect more than just accommodation, the overall hotel experience is what matters to them the most. In fact, 65% of them claim they want to use their mobile device to manage their hotel experience.

The Digital Room Directory allows customers to have more autonomy and therefore closer to the comfort they have at home. But another factor must be taken into account regarding the expectations of the French, this time in terms of CSR. In fact, 90% of consumers expect brands to have more responsible practices. A work fluidity appreciated by hotel teams. In addition to going completely paperless, the Digital Room Directory implemented in a hotel simplifies the daily tasks of hotel teams.



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