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Why is the implementation of Click and Collect still crucial for your restaurants?

For the past two years, online ordering in the food industry has been continuously growing. But where exactly are we at? As in-person dining has been making a comeback in recent months, the role of Click and Collect comes into question. What are the French consumers' dining habits? What are the advantages for restaurants in offering takeout options? Get all the information you need with this overview.

• Consumer Habits and Expectations for Takeout 81% of French people use digital channels to consume, across all industries. Digital ordering is a widely accepted and popular mode of consumption. Why? For its simplicity, speed, and efficiency. Currently, about 64% of employees opt for establishments that offer takeout options for their lunch.

In 2022, what are their biggest expectations? Environmental responsibility and catering to various dietary needs are at the forefront of their minds. Consumers are seeking out restaurants that can provide them with healthy, locally or artisanally sourced options that align with their values and principles, such as vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian diets. The packaging used for takeout meals is becoming increasingly important as well, with 7 out of 10 French people believing that durable packaging is necessary.

• Why is it Still Important to Implement Click and Collect in Your Restaurant?

1. Keep up with the times. Consumers' habits are becoming more modern, and you can too with this fully digital concept. Adapting to new modes of consumption demonstrates to the public your commitment to meeting their expectations. Takeout options are not just for restaurants in urban areas, many have expanded their customer base by reaching out to office workers.

2. Attract new customers. Takeout is the solution for those who no longer want to spend time in restaurants while still enjoying their menu. Adapt to their needs to win them over!

3. Increase your sales without commissions: According to a study by The NPD group, online orders are 23% higher than in-person orders. For example, your customers will have an easier time ordering dessert when they choose their menu online instead of in-person.

• Take the leap with the Click and Collect service from Alacarte Digital Platform.

- With a 51% increase over the past two years, Click and Collect and takeout options have become a way of life for consumers. The same goes for restaurants, with 13% having integrated this system.

- Creating your own online sales channel means freeing yourself from the financial burden of commission fees from marketplaces. Of course, each restaurant needs volume and visibility, but in times of tight cash flow, it's important to generate sales directly from the customer.

Let Alacarte become your user friendly Click & Collect Partner!



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